297 297 Deer Valley Dr at Winterwood
555 555 Deer Valley Dr at The Line ^Shelter
558 Old Town Transit Center
605 605 Deer Valley Dr at Sunspot
685 685 Deer Valley Dr at Greyhawk
1115 1115 Deer Valley Dr & Mellow Mountain Rd
40020 Royal St at Golden Eagle to Silver Lake
40050 Ontario Lodge on Royal St to Silver Lake
40080 Little Bell on Royal St West
40090 Stein Eriksen Lodge on Royal St West
40100 Silver Lake Village ^Shelter
40110 Bald Eagle Club on Royal St East
40120 Cache on Royal St East
40130 Stag Lodge on Royal St East
40140 Royal St at Bellearbor to Main St
40150 Look Out Condos on Royal St to Main St
40180 Centennial Dr & Royal St to Main St
40200 La Maconnerie on Royal St to Main St
45090 Snow Park Lodge & Deer Valley-No Shelter
234020 Courchevel on Deer Valley Dr East
234025 Lot 5 Park and Ride on Deer Valley Dr
234030 The Lodges on Deer Valley Dr to Main St
234040 Deer Valley Dr & Queen Esther Dr
234050 Daystar on Deer Valley Dr & Solamere
234060 Bristlecone on Deer Valley Dr to Main St
234070 Fawngrove Units 1550 - 1686 to Main St
234080 Fawngrove Units 1400 - 1536 to Main St
234090 Pinnacle on Deer Valley Dr to Main St